Yahoo Codes for Emoticons

1.Click on emoji 2.Press the button "Cut to Clipboard" and paste to chat box. 3. Safari is not supported

Hidden Yahoo Smiles Symbols

Emoticon transformer Emoticon bee Emoticon yin yang Emoticon star Emoticon april Emoticon billy Emoticon hiro Emoticon alien Emoticon bug Emoticon skull Emoticon idea Emoticon coffee Emoticon pumpkin Emoticon flag Emoticon good luck Emoticon rose Emoticon chicken Emoticon monkey Emoticon cow Emoticon pig Emoticon puppy dog eyes Emoticon oh go on Emoticon not worthy Emoticon chatterbox Emoticon hee hee Emoticon bring it on hee Emoticon dancing Emoticon shame on you Emoticon peace sign Emoticon feeling beat upEmoticon whistlingEmoticon money eyes Emoticon prayingEmoticon frustratedEmoticon not_listeningEmoticon i_dont_know

Yahoo Smiles Symbols

Yahoo v.11 Emoticon Dizzy Yahoo v.11 Emoticon Eat Yahoo v.11 Emoticon Music Yahoo v.11 Emoticon Exercise Yahoo v.11 Emoticon Gaming Yahoo v.11 Emoticon Spooky Yahoo v.11 Emoticon TV Yahoo v.11 Emoticon Unlucky Yahoo v.11 Emoticon Cheer Yahoo v.11 Emoticon Fight Yahoo v.11 Emoticon Cook Yahoo v.11 Emoticon 	Give Up Yahoo v.11 Emoticon Hot Yahoo v.11 Emoticon Vomit Yahoo v.11 Emoticon Catch Yahoo v.11 Emoticon High Five Yahoo v.11 Emoticon Search me Yahoo v.11 Emoticon Studying Yahoo v.11 Emoticon Gift Yahoo v.11 Emoticon Down on Luck Emoticon pirate Emoticon it wasn't me Emoticon Thumbs up Emoticon Thumbs down Emoticon Rock on Emoticon Hurry up Emoticon I don't want to see Emoticon CowboyEmoticon PhbbbbtEmoticon sighEmoticon waitingEmoticon LiarEmoticon hypnotizedEmoticon Nail bitingEmoticon ApplauseEmoticon d'ohEmoticon ThinkingEmoticon DroolingEmoticon yawnEmoticon partyEmoticon sillyEmoticon clownEmoticon No talkingEmoticon Don't tell anyoneEmoticon sickEmoticon loserEmoticon Rolling eyesEmoticon sleepyEmoticon day dreamingEmoticon time_outEmoticon WaveEmoticon at wits' endEmoticon on the phoneEmoticon call meEmoticon talk to the handEmoticon nerdEmoticon angelEmoticon rolling on the floorEmoticon raised_eyebrowsEmoticon straight faceEmoticon laughingEmoticon cryingEmoticon devilEmoticon whew!Emoticon worried!Emoticon cool!Emoticon cool!Emoticon angryEmoticon surpriseEmoticon broken heartEmoticon kissEmoticon tongueEmoticon love struckEmoticon confusedEmoticon big hugEmoticon batting eyelashesEmoticon big_grinEmoticon winkingEmoticon sadEmoticon happy

Yahoo Messenger Emoticons Hidden Yahoo Codes & Smiles Emoticons 11.0

Those small signs are a wonderful way to make your chat conversations beautiful or show how you feel. Choose them from the emoticon menu or enter keyboard combinations directly in your message. Just enter the signs to input an emoticon in the message, showing your status.
Example: When you would like to warn someone that somebody calls you on the phone, just enter :)] .

Express your emotions even in more detail.

You will not find secret emoticons in the menu, but can send them via entering keyboard combinations directly in your message. Chats and social networks exist to make our social communication better. Surprise your friends pleasantly and use those hidden signs.