Codes Flags in Skype

1.Click on emoji 2.Press the button "Cut to Clipboard" and paste to chat box. 3. Safari is not supported

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Skype Flags Icons

The expression of the patriotism in Skype is not an issue at all. National flags are another type of hidden emoticons. In order to show the national flag, we enter it as "(flag XX)", where XX is the code of the respective country. In the table below you can find most of them. I often get asked, “How to do this or that with emoticons in Skype”, so to answer I’ve decided to share a little secret with you. Keep in mind that most options work after version 2.5, and some - after version 3. Therefore, it is nice to have the latest version of Skype for the best chance of success. In addition to standard and additional emoticons in Skype, you can also use flags from different countries around the world. As you look at them will recognize that themselves express specific flags for the state flag. They are quite entertaining and funny. You can impress your subscribers with some of these beautiful flag designs. To see the Bulgarian flag, for example, write the first 2 letters of the country (flag: bg), for the U.S. you would use - (flag: us), Russia (flag: ru) and so on.