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1.Click on emoji 2.Press the button "Cut to Clipboard" and paste to chat box. 3. Safari is not supported

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Skype EmoticonsCodes Emoticons for Skype V 5.5 and above

Hidden Codes Emoticons

Standart Smiley Short Codes


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Skype Emoticons Skype Emoticons v. 3.0

Emoticon Smile Emoticon Sad SmileEmoticon Big SmileEmoticon CoolEmoticon CryingEmoticon SweatingEmoticon SpeechlessEmoticon KissEmoticon Tongue OutEmoticon BlushEmoticon WonderingEmoticon SleepyEmoticon DullEmoticon In loveEmoticon Evil grinEmoticon TalkingEmoticon YawnEmoticon PukeEmoticon Doh!Emoticon Angry!Emoticon It wasn't me!Emoticon Party!!!Emoticon WorriedEmoticon Mmm...Emoticon NerdEmoticon HiEmoticon Lips SealedEmoticon CallEmoticon DevilEmoticon AngelEmoticon EnvyEmoticon WaitEmoticon BearEmoticon Make-upEmoticon Covered LaughEmoticon Clapping HandsEmoticon ThinkingEmoticon BowEmoticon Rolling on the floor laughingEmoticon BowEmoticon HappyEmoticon SmirkingEmoticon NoddingEmoticon ShakingEmoticon PunchEmoticon EmoEmoticon YesEmoticon NoEmoticon SkypeEmoticon Shaking HandsEmoticon HeartEmoticon Broken heartEmoticon MailEmoticon FlowerEmoticon RainEmoticon SunEmoticon TimeEmoticon MusicEmoticon MovieEmoticon PhoneEmoticon CoffeeEmoticon PizzaEmoticon CashEmoticon MuscleEmoticon CakeEmoticon BeerEmoticon DrinkEmoticon NinjaEmoticon DanceEmoticon Star

Cheer up! There are countless emoticons codes that you will rejoice you, like an romantic ones, or frowning ones, even drunken one or happy and fun emoticons for all your needs and your taste.

The majority of people who use instant messaging prefer to express emotion through emoticons instead of writing long sentences to show how they feel when they respond. Do you love using smilies symbols in Skype, but feel you could use more? If you want express an emotion, you will be delighted to know that in addition to the classic Skype emoticons, they also offer a wide range of additional emoticons for you to express how you feel. In practice there are only 100 Skype emoticons, but they don’t stop there. Skype has emoticons to show the middle finger, squirrel grip on the thumb, scatterbrain, slamming your head into a wall and much more. Here you will find the latest emoticons symbols, both classic and hidden.

Hidden Skype symbols Emoticons for Mac

Bonus Skype emoticon set for Mac skype users
Mac skype Emoticon AsshatAsshatMac skype Emoticon Working poopPoop
Mac skype Emoticon fffuuuFffuuuMac skype Emoticon pomodoroPomodoro
Mac skype Emoticon tumbleweedtumbleweedMac skype Emoticon kittenKitten
Mac skype Emoticon hungryHungryMac skype Emoticon cthulhuCthulhu
Mac skype Emoticon Cookie MonsterCookieMac skype Emoticon slashSlash
Mac skype Emoticon Cookie hammerHammertimeMac skype Emoticon goatseGoatse
Mac skype Emoticon Cookie oscarOscarMac skype Emoticon trogdorTrogdor
view Mac skype emote source

skype emoticons

Emotions for Skype are nice and funny. Perhaps you use them every day. Skype does not offer a small number of standard emoticons and smileys that make our communication much more funny. Besides standard emoticons, there are secret emoticons.
Do you like the lovely emoticons in Skype? They are a good way to express emotion, but you will be pleasantly surprised if I tell you that apart from the standard emoticons, there are extra emoticons in Skype.

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