Live Messenger Smiley Codes

There are hundreds of MSN symbols and smiles worldwide, but we will show some of the major symbols and emoticons. If you use Live Messenger, you can use these emoticons and keyboard combinations to insert those funny icons in your messages.

Live Messenger Emoticons









Emoticon SmileSmileEmoticon AlienAlien
Emoticon AngelAngelEmoticon AngryAngry
Emoticon Open-Mouthed SmileOpen-Mouthed SmileEmoticon Baring TeethBaring Teeth
Emoticon Be Right BackBe Right BackEmoticon WinkingWinking
Emoticon SurprisedSurprisedEmoticon FrustratedFrustrated
Emoticon HotHotEmoticon BusBus
Emoticon SadSadEmoticon CryingCrying
Emoticon DisappointedDisappointedEmoticon ConfusedConfused
Emoticon EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmoticon I Do Not KnowI Do Not Know
Emoticon ThinkingThinkingEmoticon Eye-RollingEye-Rolling
Emoticon Eye-RollingSleepyDo Not Tell AnyoneDo Not Tell Anyone
Emoticon SickSickEmoticon NerdNerd
Emoticon SarcasticSarcasticEmoticon Secret TellingSecret Telling


Emoticon Thumbs Up Thumbs UpEmoticon Thumbs Down Thumbs Down
Emoticon Point UpPoint UpEmoticon Fingers CrossedFingers Crossed
Emoticon High FiveHigh Five   


Emoticon Left HugLeft HugEmoticon Right HugRight Hug
Emoticon GirlGirlEmoticon BoyBoy
Emoticon MSN MessengerMSN Messenger   


Emoticon Broken HeartBroken HeartEmoticon Red HeartRed Heart
Emoticon Red RoseRed RoseEmoticon Wilted RoseWilted Rose
Emoticon Red LipsRed Lips   


Emoticon cigarettecigaretteEmoticon BeerBeer
Emoticon handcuffshandcuffsEmoticon Martini GlassMartini Glass
Emoticon DevilDevil   

Food & Drinks

Emoticon PlatePlateEmoticon BowlBowl
Emoticon PizzaPizzaEmoticon Birthday CakeBirthday Cake
Emoticon Coffee CupCoffee Cup   


Emoticon Sleeping Half-MoonSleeping Half-MoonEmoticon StarStar
Emoticon SunshineSunshineEmoticon RainbowRainbow
Emoticon UmbrellaUmbrellaEmoticon Island with a Palm TreeIsland with a Palm Tree
Emoticon Stormy CloudStormy CloudEmoticon LightningLightning


Emoticon Cat FaceCat FaceEmoticon Dog FaceDog Face
Emoticon Vampire BatVampire BatEmoticon GoatGoat
Emoticon SnailSnailEmoticon TurtleTurtle
Emoticon Black SheepBlack Sheep   


Emoticon FilmstripFilmstripEmoticon NoteNote
Emoticon E-mailE-mailEmoticon CameraCamera
Emoticon light_bulbLight BulbEmoticon ClockClock
Emoticon Telephone ReceiverTelephone ReceiverEmoticon ComputerComputer
Emoticon Mobile PhoneMobile PhoneEmoticon XboxXbox


Emoticon Gift with a BowGift with a BowEmoticon PArtyParty

Ball, Car, Plain, Coin

Emoticon Soccer BallSoccer BallEmoticon AutoAuto
Emoticon AirplaneAirplaneEmoticon MoneyMoney

Hidden live Emoticons Hidden Live Messenger Emoticons

Emoticon XboxXBoxEmoticon Fingers CrossedFingers Crossed
Emoticon TurtleTurtleEmoticon TurtleHandcuffs
Emoticon High FiveHigh FiveEmoticon GoatGoat
Emoticon CigaretteCigaretteEmoticon Be Right BackBe Right Back

Those emoticons do not exist in the emoticon menu of the messenger. In order to use them, you need to write the code of the emoticon in the chat window. Lilkewise emoticons in Skype, Live Messenger also his own. They are shown below the field for chat, after you type something in a specific combination of codes.