Hidden Skype Codes Emoticons v. 3.0

1.Click on emoji 2.Press the button "Cut to Clipboard" and paste to chat box. 3. Safari is not supported

New Emoticon FingerNew Emoticon BanditNew Emoticon MooningNew Emoticon HeidyNew Emoticon TMINew Emoticon SwearingNew Emoticon PoolpartyNew Emoticon FubarNew Emoticon BugNew Emoticon HeadbangNew Emoticon RockNew Emoticon Smoking New Emoticon ToivoNew Emoticon DrunkNew Emoticon MaltheNew Emoticon TauriNew Emoticon Malthe

Hidden Skype Emoticons v. 3.0

For instance, just enter (poolparty) in your chat window and thus you will show your friends that you will have shower. In case you liked this example, you can share it with your friends, we will definitely appreciate it.

Curious fact: The hidden emoticon Toivo (toivo) is perhaps the oldest hidden emoticon. This is the first name of the boss of the developers team during the period of the first Skype!

As you know, there are emoticons on Skype that are not shown under the dropdown menu above the message box. We called them hidden/secret emoticons. In order to use them properly, we need to know their code.

Those are the hidden emoticons of the most popular world instant messenger, namely Skype. Did you know that they exist? If the answer is not, then you can surprise your friends in Skype. In fact, how do we use them? , It’s easy, so calm down, what you need to is to copy the respective code to every icon in your Skype window.