Google Talk Chat Codes



GTalk emoticon CrabGTalk emoticon CrabGTalk emoticon CrabGTalk emoticon Crab


GTalk emoticon DevilGTalk emoticon DevilGTalk emoticon Devil


 hidden GTalk emoticon PigGTalk emoticon PigGTalk emoticon Pig

Broken Heart

 hidden GTalk emoticon Broken HeartGTalk emoticon Broken HeartGTalk emoticon Broken Heart


 hidden GTalk emoticon KissGTalk emoticon KissGTalk emoticon


 hidden GTalk emoticon MustacheGTalk emoticon MustacheGTalk emoticon Mustache


GTalk emoticon RobotGTalk emoticon Robot


GTalk emoticon PooGTalk emoticon Poo

Use these emoticons while you chat in Gmail, Orkut chat, Google + . There are unknown/hidden emoticons and smileys which are not public. Likewise standard emoticons, hidden emoticons are in three styles /square, circular and classic. Enter the combination and then press Enter.

Emoticons are great tools, especially for younger Internet users, because they stand for expressions that cannot be described. Using smiling faces in your e-mail, you help the recipient get the right meaning of your message and avoid unnecessary conflicts. Besides emoticons in your messages bring much fun. If you find this page useful, we will be happy if you share it with your friends.

Google Talk Emoticons Google Talk Emoticons



GTalk emoticon heartGTalk emoticon heartGTalk emoticon heart


GTalk emoticon ShockedGTalk emoticon ShockedGTalk emoticon Shocked


GTalk emoticon GrinGTalk emoticon GrinGTalk emoticon Grin


GTalk emoticon FrownGTalk emoticon FrownGTalk emoticon Frown


GTalk emoticon AngryGTalk emoticon AngryGTalk emoticon Angry


GTalk emoticon CoolGTalk emoticon CoolGTalk emoticon Cool


GTalk emoticon CryGTalk emoticon CryGTalk emoticon Cry


GTalk emoticon WinkGTalk emoticon WinkGTalk emoticon Wink

Straight Face

GTalk emoticon Straight FaceGTalk emoticon Straight FaceGTalk emoticon Straight Face

Equal Smile

GTalk emoticon Equal SmileGTalk emoticon Equal SmileGTalk emoticon Equal Smile


GTalk emoticon SlantGTalk emoticon SlantGTalk emoticon Slant


GTalk emoticon TongueGTalk emoticon TongueGTalk emoticon Tongue


GTalk emoticon monkeyGTalk emoticon monkeyGTalk emoticon monkey

Rock out

GTalk emoticon Rock outGTalk emoticon Rock outGTalk emoticon Rock out

Likewise other Instant Messengers, Google Talk, Gmail, Orkut chat, Google +, also have a bunch of Emoticons, so they can be used during a chat session. According to the preferences, Gmail Emoticons are available in three different styles: classic, square and circular. The code remains the same for every type. Here are some smileys that you can try.

    To unlock all available emoticons in Gmail, here’s what you need to do:
  • 1. Click on the icon with the gear in the upper right corner of the window and select Labs.
  • 2. Type the word “emoji” (without quotes) in the search box.
  • 3. Enable additional emoticons and select "Save changes" (Save Changes).
  • 4. When writing a message, click the Insert Emoticon icon to see the available smileys.