Facebook Symbols

1.Click on emoji 2.Press the button "Cut to Clipboard" and paste to chat box. 3. Safari is not supported

Hand & Heart

Facebook White heartFacebook Green Heart Facebook Yellow HeartFacebook Purple HeartFacebook Love Letter Facebook Sparkling Heart Facebook Heart Gift Facebook Triple Hearts

Smileys & People & Animals


Standart emoticons

Like / Thumb Up Facebook Chat EmoticonsFacebook Emoticon PenguinFacebook Emoticon SharkFacebook Emoticon Chris PutnamFacebook Emoticon RobotFacebook Emoticon HeartFacebook Emoticon DevilFacebook Emoticon AngelFacebook Emoticon Black SunglassesFacebook Emoticon PacmanFacebook Emoticon Cute Cat LikeFacebook Emoticon GlassesFacebook Emoticon UpsetFacebook Emoticon ConfuseFacebook Emoticon SquintFacebook Emoticon KikiFacebook Emoticon KissFacebook Emoticon CryFacebook Emoticon UnsureFacebook Emoticon GrumpyFacebook Emoticon WinkFacebook Emoticon GaspFacebook Emoticon GrinFacebook Emoticon TongueFacebook Emoticon SadFacebook Emoticon HappyFacebook Emoticon poop
Copy/paste the FB symbols directly in the chat at Facebook

Sometimes words are not enough. There are many interesting emoticons which help you express your emotions at any time. Make sure that you are amongst first ones who use emoticons facebook emoticons and surprise your friends in Facebook chat. Also surprise your acquaintances and friends with emoticons which can be used in world’s most popular social network Facebook.

Anyone who has a profile on Facebook chat and uses the social networking chat will know that emotions are expressed primarily through correspondence and emoticon text. Smilies are definitely an integral part of Facebook communication that we lack Stash much when it comes to instant message chats.

They are also a crucial part when it also comes to chatting in Twitter, Facebook or Gmail. However, some people use alternative instant messaging to communicate with friends. Most widespread opinion is that the chat modules offered by the three social networking services offer at least a wealth of images and methods for expressing any emotion, and we have also prepared a variety of emoticons that you can use on the major social networks, even Google.